Antiques Berkova - an exclusive store in the heart of Prague that specializes in authentic furniture, paintings and decorative objects of art from the Empire, Neoclassical, Biedermeier and Czech 18th century eras. The store was founded and is owned by Jindřiška Berková, a recognized expert and an enthusiast in the field of antiques. Collecting and selling antiques is not only her profession, but also her hobby and pleasure.

A compilation of listings and available information from our many art sources create an impressive database of works of art and collectibles, many of them of great value.

Our listings are frequently updated.

Paintings and Furniture re represented by thumbnail images and descriptions. The prices are available at the store or may be obtained by phone or e-mail. Click on the image to see it in an enlarged format and use the "Back" button on your browser to reset the picture to its original thumbnail size.